Fluent : Power Trip - Hard Surface Modeling Tool

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Fluent : Power Trip is the extended version of Fluent → https://gum.co/HtPBE it contents Fluent + plate, wire, pipe, grid tools, fabric panel tool and screw head scattering.

Fluent is a non destructive modeling add-on for hard surface modeling in Blender 4.x

Fluent : Power Trip introduce plate, wire, pipe, grid and fabric panel tools

Add plates

Add wires + gravity simulation available.

Add pipes.

Turn any cut into a grid (14 models).

Turn face into cloth panel

Add screw heads.

Reach the next level of detail with a ridiculous number of clicks.

Grids and wires added in Fluent 1.2.1

Updates trailers

About the basic version of Fluent, the most accurate cutter for Blender.

Fluent solve 2 problems

  • Keeps everything editable, without loss of speed in modeling..
  • Speeds up boolean object creation and makes it more enjoyable.

Fluent help you to make your model with boolean operations and modifiers.

  • draw your shape in the Blender 3d view
  • customize and adjust the boolean object with the friendly user fly menu

Use a smart succession of modifiers to do what you need easily with the fly menu.

  • Bevel
  • Solidify
  • Mirror
  • Array
  • ...
  • CIRCULAR array !

With clever presets, don't think, do !

No stress ! Everything remains editable.

Because in the real world nothing is perfect the first time. The most time is spend in adjustement. A new idea should not be synonymous with "starting all over again".

So Fluent is a non destructive modeling addon.

  • All boolean objects are kept and put in specific collection.
  • All operations in fly menu can be edited when you want in modifiers panel.

2 Snap systems to work with accuracy

  • Directional system

On every plane, when you're drawing, press and hold Ctrl to snap your next drawing point in horizontal, vertical or 45° direction.

  • Grid system

Use grid system to find the center of face or other specific point.
You can align the grid along every edge, rotate, scale and adjust the resolution of it.

The best snap sytem of the buisness

More demonstrations and tutorials in Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5wQifaWffrZr_2nMUD_qVQ

Documentation : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPFCb5Kl7hmLaCMk-HYOsw

Documentation website : https://cgthoughts.com/fluent/doc/

I hope this tool will help you like it help me.

Thanks for your support !

For questions, use discord : https://discord.gg/3uPv3fv

Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/RudyMichau

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Hard surface modeling tool for Blender


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Fluent : Power Trip - Hard Surface Modeling Tool

142 ratings
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