Fluent : Materializer

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Make & bake awesome custom materials using a polished procedural workflow that was designed for actual artists.

Tell your model's epic story as you apply edge wear, grime, chipped paint, mud, scratches, and more!

Fluent : Materializer gives you easy-to-use, infinite possibilities at the tips of your ambitious nerdfingers.

Stay inside Blender as you create or improve any material, right up to the end, no UVs required. Materialize your vision!

A tool suite to make your own procedural materials

The spirit of Materializer :

  • A complete and consistent workflow, no premade materials.
  • A global method, no one shot tips.
  • Allow everyone to raise their level.

Main features

  • Pie menu with fast node tree building funtion.
  • More than 110 nodes.
  • Bake function.
  • Decal tool.
  • Procedural decal

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The add-on + Starter course + Example files + Shaderball

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Fluent : Materializer

31 ratings
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